Saturn and the Sun Conjuction



From December 31, 3018 – January 3, 2019, the Sun and Saturn will form a conjunction, this means they will both meet up at 11 degrees in Capricorn. This year is starting out will fiery Mars making his way into Aries giving us great energy to start this year off with a BANG, and this energy is all about structure and building.
Saturn is our teacher, he is known as Chronos, Father Time, He makes us look at where we need to focus our energy; he brings our attention to what we need to do to create whatever we are wanting in our lives; he reminds us of the responsibility of our life. He is a hard worker and is very determined.
With this conjunction, we are really being called up to get it together. We are reminded that it is through hard work and determination that we will succeed.
Capricorn is Saturns home sign, so here he is very powerful. And we must not forget that Father Time’s wife is Mother Earth so energy will be shifting to aim at more things ethically sound, more things being put in place for protecting Mother Earth.
Capricorn has to do with governments and authority so attention will be made to these areas as well.

This is a lot of Earth energy starting out 2019, This year is definitely going to be an interesting one.

Tune in Thursday night for the AstroTarot Report Show at 9pm est on to learn more about this energetic dance, along with all the other energies that will be making their energy very much known.

Happy New Year!
Celestial Blessings,
Sirona Rose


BIG BANG! Mars and Aries Dance

Mars in Aries-1

After being in the emotional waters of Pisces for 2 years, Mars moves into Aries on the 31st of December at 9:19pm est. This will be a strong charge, giving our new year a BIG blast of energy. This was an emotional release for many.
Going into Aries, Mars will give us the energy to go…go for it!
Mars is always known for his warrior role, but behind this armor lies great passion. Homer described Ares, Mars’ Greek counterpart, as the “helper of men” and the “giver of dauntless youth”, even saying that he is “unwary” and he “exceeds in strength. Mars fuels your passions, those things that give you that spark, toward those things that you are attracted to.
As Mars sat in Pisces, he laid his sword down, took off his armor, and healed. When he comes out of Pisces, he will be ready for action – remember Aries is about action. Be careful with blow-ups.
With the sun being in Capricorn, it will give us some grounding energy that will definitely be needed. This will give us the self-confidence we need in order to be successful with our goals.

Join me Thursday night at 9pm EST and we’ll talk about this energetic dance in depth.

Celestial Blessings,
Sirona Rose

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