Energy Oracle Reading

Blessed New Moon in Gemini, Starshines!
This is the energy reading for today, June 3, 2019.

You maybe wondering if you have what it takes to move forward, or to go on and you do. You will not only need to pull from your mental and body but your spirit ( Intuition) as well.
You need to declutter the mind, get a clear vision as to where you want to go and focus your energy in that direction.
This moon can cause you to feel anxious and impatient, as if you’re not moving as fast as you would like, but know you are moving. That purification of the mind is essential.
Huathe/Hawthorne is one of the Trinity trees sacred to the Fae, so yes magic is abound. This Oghams energy is that of the Spring Equinox and represents a time of new beginnings, but in order to begin anew we must first cleanse and purify.
In order to have the best plan of action a clear mind focused on intent is necessary.
The numbers 8 and 6 are on these cards, so this energy is definitely tapping into the past as well as nurturing. The numbers equal 14 which us broken down to 5 – change is in the air so to get the best out of it you need to have clear insight on where you are wanting to go.

Celestial blessings,
Sirona Rose

Pisces New Moon

Happy Pisces New Moon!
On March 6th 1105 am est. we will have our new moon at 15 degrees of Pisces (this is right in the middle), the past few shows we talked about Pisces and its influences…but I will give you a refresher…Pisces is a water sign, its age brought out Islam and Christainity.. It has been known as the sign of Yeshua///Jesus, it was a time that saw great battles between the 2 Abrahamic paths, it was a time when people would kill others because they were not the same religion. It was the one god, my god is the right way, so yes you could say it has spiritual energy. It was a time when warring and conquering haughted for the exchange of trading goods.
Now while Pisces is in this degree (15 degrees), this is in the 2nd decan, meaning the Piscean energy is very strong and this energy is about the evolution of the soul. This new moon will also be conjuncted with the asteroid Vesta. Vesta is a Roman Goddess of home/ hearth and family, she was one of the most worshipped in Rome. She is considered the Goddess of the Sacred Flame. In Rome, the fire was the spiritual heart. Ovid stated “CONCEIVE OF VESTA AS NAUGHT BUT THE LIVING FLAME”
With the influence of Uranus, this can really bring about advances in the healing field. Now on the dark side of Pisces, this can give us a God-like complex. meaning that we can take the healing/medical field advancements and use them in ways as if we are God. This can have us considering things that are ethically and morally just not right. I came across this quote by Richard Dawkins, his moon is in the 2nd decan of Pisces, he wrote the God Delusion, and he stated
“It’s a horrible idea that God, this paragon of wisdom and knowledge, power, couldn’t think of a better way to forgive us our sins than to come down to Earth in his alter ego as his son and have himself hideously tortured and executed so that he could forgive himself ”
This energy can influence us to be our own guru, but use caution here as you dont want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Dont forget that when you are beginning a new path, finding a mentor is a smart thing to this energy can leave us a bit foggy in the head and we can get lost in the deep Piscean waters.
This guru energy is really telling us to stop looking outside our Self for happiness. Sure there are things we can buy to make us happy but only for a minute. True Happiness can only be found within yourself. This is the understanding that we are whole individuals, and we are responsible for ourselves.

This is intuitive, inspirational, healing, and compassionate energy; one where we can truly let go of the old and begin anew. We can use all of our knowledge, all that we have learned and experienced to start our new path. We have what we need within us, it’s not in external and it’s not in another person.

Celestial blessings,
Sirona Rose 🌹

Virgo Full Moon, Astro-Update



Today at 10:54 am, we will have our Snow Full Moon in Virgo. Back at the beginning of the month, on the 4th we had our new moon in Aquarius and this was perfect energy for renewal especially after those eclipses we had in January. With a new moon, the sun and moon are the same sign at the same degree. With a full moon, the moon and sun are opposite and at this full moon the full moon will be at 10:53 am est at 0 degrees of Virgo and it will be square the sun at 0 degrees Pisces, both will be at 0 degrees and 42 seconds and they are getting ready to move into the 1st degree. This is a beginning energy, we are taking a fresh step into Virgo. Full moons light the shadows, they shine light on that which was once hidden from our physical sight. They will both be at the end getting ready to go the 1st degree. Virgo is about our routine, our responsibilities, not really others stuff, but your needs. Virgo is about our daily routine, lives and fulfilling our needs…our priorities. Pisces is opposite of that, it’s selfless, sacrificial, it is forgiveness, compassion, very giving and can allow things to slide. This energy doesn’t like to be a burden to others.
This moon will shine the light on where we need to have more self-discipline. It is a time of rebuilding a healthy YOU, seeing the best within our self, being confident with a balanced EGO. It’s a healthy sense of identity. This placement shines the light on our Self…our body more precisely. We will be looking at our responsibilities, are we taking on too much? Are you taking on other peoples problems? Are you truly listening to your body? What areas of your life do you need to improve? During this time the Moon will trine Mars (harmonious) so this will give us that extra push of energy to stay committed to our changes….helps us with Self Discipline.
During this full moon, Neptune will conjunct mercury in Pisces…remember mercury is our messenger and he loves to tell stories and with this aspect, we may not be able to tell what is true or what is the illusion. There could be gossip started, lies told, or things just seeming too good to be true. It is a time when our mental abilities will slow down and we can feel spacey and loopy…so make sure you are staying grounded. When you start to feel that way, you need to take a moment and come back to you. This moon will be trining Saturn, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn so this will aid us on some grounded energy helping us to carry on with our everyday lives. Balancing work and play will be helpful here. When you’re working, dealing with your responsibilities and you begin to space out…take a break and come back to you. Remember we’re not very active mentally so breaks will be needed. But this is also a good time to see what is dimming your inner light, this could be something from our past that has been blocking our success now.
At this same time, Chiron will be moving out of the sign of Pisces into Aries. Chiron is our wounded healer, he can heal others but he can not heal himself. While he was in Pisces, he sacrificed himself for the sake of others. In Aries, this is will be quiet different. This will be a Solar Return for many who have Chiron in Aries in their birth chart. Those born between January 30, 1969, through May 28, 1976, this will be your Chiron return and it can give you some of that midlife feeling. Chiron return brings you back to that deep wound and challenges you to take a closer look at it.
I’ll discuss Chiron more in-depth in a different post as he really has a deep message for us and we need to give him our undivided attention.

Also, today is a 6, and it is about love, responsibility, and balance. It is the number that represents the harmony between the macrocosms and microcosms. Some numerologist say 6 is a perfect number. It is practical, is about work in service, and it’s about bringing harmony into being. The challenge, which is perfect for Chiron going into Aries (mixed with the healing energy of Pisces and Virgo) is to know the difference in helping someone and enabling them..not t not take on that energy yourself

Celestial blessings,

Sirona Rose

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