Aquarius New Moon 2/4/2019



I want to start out by saying that ALL planets are direct.

February 4 New Moon in Aquarius will be at 4:04 pm est. (you’ll need to adjust the time to your time zone)  the sun and the moon will meet at 15 degrees and they will be on the coat tail of mercury that will be at 19 degrees. New moons are an ending and new beginnings, and if you’ve been keeping us with these past few new moons, they have all been around 15 degrees..the middle of the sign. A new moon is a joining of feminine and masculine energy, it’s uniting energy. It is a time when we want to create and manifest.  Each zodiac sign has 3 decans (1st is the beginning, 2nd the middle of the sign and 3rd the end) and this new moon will take place in the 2nd decan and this means that the Aquarius energy is very heightened. Austin Coppock describes Aquarius decan 2 as “Heaven and Earth because it is about bridging the gap between them. This means that this new moon we can sometimes feel in a state of limbo. ‘The natives strive to be emotional independent but may suffer from a lack of support and feeling of alienation…many have a detached, philosophical disposition’. He continues by stating that”the lunar position supports the mind, but often at the cost of the body.”

Aquarius is about going above and beyond..its astrology and SYFY. it is one that knows that its connected to the ALL but realizes their individuality. They are jet-setters. Like I’ve mentioned before, our birth charts are unique and we all express different energy. Aquarius is about evolution, and it expresses its uniqueness in the community. With all of those who are shouting out about how they are different and unique…this is the time that you physically show what your unique gifts are. This is about expressing your own energetic being. This energy is about “where we are going next” so this is really playing on physically expressing our imprint on the world. With the Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Aquarius, this will have us working/communicating with other like-minded individuals.  We are going to be focusing on what we value and what we feel is worthy of us, and how we can create this in our future to aid to yourself as well as the whole. There is a lot of mental stimulation going on with this moon, and this is cosmic energy. So many of you can have break-through moments.

We’re going to have a few aspects that I want to discuss. This energy can give us some gypsy energy, but being that she is trailing behind Saturn that is still in Capricorn it could increase our emotional independence, giving us a bit of a wake-up call, but be careful of the martyr roles. This will be a good time to express your feelings through writing. So all you poets and other writers this is great energy for you and for those who have been feel frustration, writing in your journals about it will be a good thing.

Mars was square with Saturn, and the other planets that were in Capricorn, that may have made us feel some frustrated energy, as this is held back energy. He has moved beyond and is finishing up his square with Pluto so he is feeling some freedom to move as he wants.

Now the good thing about Capricorn is that it is the energy of clarity and yes that can make us very frustrated if we are not where we want to do…or where we thought we should be. This past energy has been about letting go of where we thought we should be, and acknowledging where we are and being proud of where we are and being okay it is.

Saturn.. the stern father, used to be Aquarius planet before Uranus was discovered. Now he is at 15 degrees of Capricorn and honestly, this is building us up to 2020 when Pluto will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Now, Saturn is sextile Uranus (Aquarius planet) and this is almost like putting pieces of a puzzle together, putting things together to make things work..not just for self, but for all. This placement also can be a time for you to figure out what your niche is, your unique energetic expression..or figuring out the light you are here to shine. This will help us provide the answer to…what are you here to do? These two planets are super powerful as they are in their own signs, and this placement touches on religion and spirituality…Saturn provides the structure that you need in sharing your spiritual gifts. It can also be a time where we are moving into healing yourself holistically. Think about it as making a solid foundation and connecting with our roots. This is commitment energy, so this is something that is expressed from your core.  Remember that Saturn teaches us that we will reap what we sow, it is consequences…what you put out comes back to you.


Now this connects us to Mars…Mars is in Aries along with Uranus…and around the mid-month (exact date will be Feb 13th)  they will be conjunct at 29 degrees…and ending. So this energy is a building up of energy. Mars is an ignitor, he loves to initiate energy like a spark…or I should say blast…ane even explosion. This is innovative mind energy and can be risky. This energy encourages us to take responsibility for yourself and to not allow our self to fall within the victim role.

Luckily, Saturn will help us manage the chaos so we can focus on our evolution.

Jupiter will be sextile the Moon, which is harmonious energy that can aid us in our imagination, expanding it and making us travel within our selves realizing we may want something different or to even add to our path…but be careful with this aspect as it can cause us to escape into our bad habits/addictions all of them.

Now what is interesting regarding this moon is that it is sitting in between Neptune (Pisces) and Saturn (Capricorn) sextile..basically making the moon appears as an Eye of Flexibility…the Huber School describes it as “The aspect figure can pick up things that are not visible as if it was a rotating radar screen producing parapsychological abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience, especially of spiritual planets are involved” Well, in this case, they certainly are. They go on to say “A deeper insight into motivations and life patterns can be gained. Several sides of all issues are taken in mainly unconsciously so that they see more than the normal perception allows; it is something like an “instinctive intuition” [2]

On the 4th, Venus will be moving into Capricorn. Before the new moon, Venus square with Uranus and sextile with Chiron, then we could’ve experienced new things within our relationships or money that caught us off guard. New situations we were not planning. We could also be feeling a bit of frustration in our relationships. She’s coming out of expansive energy to one that is more contained. Capricorn’s do have a positive aspect as they help us form secure foundations. On the day of the Aquarius new moon, she will be the only planet in the early degrees so we can feel a bit of independence in love. We may be feeling that the only person we can count on is our Self. this also creates a bit of nurturing energy as we are wanting to give loyalty, faithfulness and with it being in the same sign as Saturn and Pluto, it will bring order to chaos in new ways. Venus in Capricorn has us knowing our self-value in all of our relationships (all),  awakening our self-respect and having us focus on how we show up in the world now. Mentally, we can be ready to tackle anything that comes at us, but unconsciously we may still be going off of old energy, or the way you used to do things. So you’re going to have to go deeper and get to the bottom of things.

Now let’s talk about Chiron. Chiron is our wounded healer and connects us to wounds from our childhood that can psychologically influence us as adults. Chiron was officially discovered in 1977 by Charles Kowel, it was recorded in drawings and writings as far back as 1895. In Greek mythology, Chiron was held to be the superlative centaur amongst his brethren, as he was called as the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs”.  He was a healer and teacher who, ironically, could not heal himself.  

Chiron takes 50 years to orbit around the zodiacs and orbits between Saturn and Uranus. To Astronomers, Chiron is a comet that has an erratic orbit between Saturn and Uranus and heavily influences these two planets. In astrology, it represents our deepest wounds, our weakest points. Chiron’s nature wants to understand and help others heal. Chiron is an influencer of relationships and will work at the compatibility of our relationships…all relationships. So when Chiron crosses Saturns orbit, it is about physically putting in the work to solve problems; and when it crosses Uranus’ orbit it requires us to use our insight/intuition to solve problems. With Chiron sitting in the last degrees of Pisces (29 degrees), we are coming to a completion, a healing cycle is coming to an end. Pisces is about mastery, but with Chiron, this can be martyr energy. Our empathy can be high at this time. But we have to be careful that while helping them, we do not lose our self.  This is knowing what we are capable of, what we can realistically do without sacrificing your own much-needed strength and knowing and understanding our limitations. Balancing work with play…making sure we are caring for our self, getting the rest and nourishment we need. It is also honoring what all we have gone through to get to where we are now. That was the message of the underlying energy of the reading last week…the 6 of WANDS, and he tells us that we need to acknowledge our accomplishments, all that we have achieved and be very proud of the hard work we have done. Being okay with where we are and who we are. This is creative energy and touches our spirituality….surrendering to our self and the creative process…the unfolding of life. Remember he had a golden dragon on his clothing, representing the element fire and dragons represent the never-ending cycle of life. This time is coming to an end, and there is a new energy coming so it is time to let go, forgive, move through the healing, and go forward in your life.

Feb 18, 2019, 4:07 am,  Chiron enters AriesThose born between January 30, 1969, through May 28, 1976, this will be your Chiron return and it can give you some of that midlife feeling. Chiron return brings you back to that deep wound and challenges you to take a closer look at it.

This placement will be in harmony with north node in cancer (where we are going) and is nurturing energy.

This new moon will really make us put our money where our mouth is. Are you ready to step up forward into newness or will you stay back? We obviously still have some work to do, as changes do not happen overnight. There is a creative process is releasing the old and welcoming in the new. It is definitely time for the old to meet the new so we can move forward. We have to be willing to release the old or transform it so you can move on to the next phase. Some may be experiencing some major changes in their lives, with more changing to come. And the good thing is,  we are moving forward in a practical manner. With Saturn, conjunct Pluto and the south node, we are giving an energetic opportunity to have a new slate.

Without vision, we perish and without a plan to our vision, we are just floating in the water. We are stepping into our future selves (Aquarius) and this is something that we have been working on for a while now.

This Aquarius new moon will bring us break-throughs, creative sparks of insights on something we’ve never had before, gaining a deeper knowing…going to our roots, taking all the knowledge that we have to handle the challenges and changes instead of them getting the best of us and handling us, believing in yourself.

This energy is one of growing or igniting energy. Some of you may have some A’HA moments and become very clear as of where you are going in your life. And making those connections to like-minded peoples, allowing things to click into place, and move forward.

And this is just preparing us for the Full moon in Virgo we will be having on the 19th…this is another doorway energy as it will fall at 0 degrees in Virgo the beginning…once again we are leaving one phase and entering into another. But we’ll discuss that later on.

February 5th is the Chinese New Year and it is the year of the Earth Pig/boar. Is the 12 in the 12 cycles in the Chinese zodiac. It is not thought to be a smart animal. Pigs are warm-hearted and even-tempered. This could be an up and down year. It is great socializing energy, but its negative traits can be laziness so watch out for that.

And when I think about this new age that we are in, the Age of Aquarius, I am reminded of what …

Edgar Cayce called it a “gradual change”  and stated that it would be up to us. Our actions and choices will decide as to how much pain this change will bring. The intensity and end result of the cycle change depends on how we handle challenges in our life RIGHT NOW!

“It may depend upon much that deals with the metaphysical…There are those conditions that in the activity of individuals, in line of thought and endeavor, keep oft many a city and many lands intact through their application of spiritual laws.” Century, Edgar Cayce


My favorite author Gregg Braden states in his book Fractual Time “…our ancestors devised every method imaginable to alert us to a single fact; now is the time of the most extraordinary conditions and opportunities that accompany the rarest of events, the shift from one world age to the next.”

In the Aquarian Age, energy will move swift, technology is heightened which will aid in the expansion of humanitarianism, but without prejudice or preference, possibly the emergence of proactive intergovernmental organizations, and unified global movements. We will begin to become more brotherly, bringing people together peacefully. This is a time of merging, unity, and it is one that will bring us more consciousness…where we are seeing we are in fact spiritual being having a human experience. A time where spirit and matter begin to work in harmony and work as one.

Brightest Aquarius New Moon blessings,

Sirona Rose

Uranus Direct


During the time of our Capricorn new moon and partial solar eclipse, Uranus stationed and begins to go direct. Uranus, the 7th planet from the sun, is the Greek God of the Sky, Ouranos. Discovered by William Herschel in 1781, is composed of ice and rock and it is one planet that many do not really pay attention to.  Uranus is the third-largest planetary radius and fourth-largest planetary mass in the Solar System, providing strong energy in our solar system.  Uranus is complex, but just like other gaseous planets, it has a ring system, numerous moons, and a magnetosphere. Giving it a unique configuration, it’s axis rotates sideways and its North and South poles rest where other planets, such as Earth, have their equators. The images from the Voyager 2 mission in 1986 show this interesting planet virtually featureless with visible light and no cloud bands or storms that are typically associated with planets like Uranus.

The energy of Uranus is electric full of change and is associated with originally, technology, discovery, innovation and it is very progressive. He is the instigator of swift change/or shifts an can be quiet rebellious, and in its negative irresponsible. This energy is highly intuitive and can be enlightening, so at this time you could get some new ideas to come to you that can give you that “A-ha!” giving you fresh ideas to move forward with your goals, showing you the best path to go, or even a completely new path to take. uranus likes to stir things up, putting a new spin on things releasing the outdated ways, or thoughts. With our Capricorn energy, this will be heavily influencing our governments and our careers/job, our outward projection, our public life.

With this transition along with the new moon solar eclipse, abrupt shifts and changes can definitely be expected. On a personal level, this could lead to jobs shifts, shifts in your expression to the outside world; even leading into relationships ending and new ones beginning. This energy supports just walking away from the old you and opening the door to the new.

Many will feel this energy, especially fire signs, jolting you forward really placing you into the “getting things done” energy. This can have us in a risk-taking and impatient energy, luckily Saturn in Capricorn will have us to stop and make sure that choice is going to be the best for you. Uranus wants to go forward quickly so this can cause some irritable energy, but it is trying to give you that energy to see things through. Remember, all of this Capricorn energy is looking at things as long-term, so Saturn, Father time, saying Let us use this energy to not to just get us by now, but that which will sustain us for the years to come. We need to not use this energy so quickly, but to allow it to grow and in this growth to expand into something that will support us well into our future.  many people see this as a chaotic time, but this is where creation comes from…bringing the dreams into reality. Being conscious of what is going on will allow you to become the true orchestrator of your life and focus on what you want to create in your life.

Uranus, to me, is welcomed energy at this time as it brings in some new energy that will allow us to make the changes we need to make for our highest good. It will be shocking for some and bring that spark of energy that you so need to pursue your goals. This is the 7th planet, and 7 in numerology is the seeker of the seekers!

Happy Uranus direct in Aries!!!

Celestial Blessings,

Sirona Rose


BIG BANG! Mars and Aries Dance

Mars in Aries-1

After being in the emotional waters of Pisces for 2 years, Mars moves into Aries on the 31st of December at 9:19pm est. This will be a strong charge, giving our new year a BIG blast of energy. This was an emotional release for many.
Going into Aries, Mars will give us the energy to go…go for it!
Mars is always known for his warrior role, but behind this armor lies great passion. Homer described Ares, Mars’ Greek counterpart, as the “helper of men” and the “giver of dauntless youth”, even saying that he is “unwary” and he “exceeds in strength. Mars fuels your passions, those things that give you that spark, toward those things that you are attracted to.
As Mars sat in Pisces, he laid his sword down, took off his armor, and healed. When he comes out of Pisces, he will be ready for action – remember Aries is about action. Be careful with blow-ups.
With the sun being in Capricorn, it will give us some grounding energy that will definitely be needed. This will give us the self-confidence we need in order to be successful with our goals.

Join me Thursday night at 9pm EST and we’ll talk about this energetic dance in depth.

Celestial Blessings,
Sirona Rose

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