Ogham Reading for April

Aprils Ogham is Ur which is the Heather. It has been associated with healing the homelands, growth, and cycles, but more popular it is associated with dreams, romance, and feelings. Heather has an intoxicating vibrant fragrance and has re-energizing properties..making it enhance visions and our psychic ability. It is good for strengthening bonds between partners and relationships. I have heard that heather is known as the 4 leaf clover of Scotland, as it is Scotland’s flower. The herb was used to thatch roofs, cover doorways, make rope, used for making fuel and warmth. It’s linked to the fox in Joseph Jacob 1894 book More Celtic Fairy Tales and in several other writings heather is associated with the fairies. It is associated with the Goddess Cailleach and Brigid.

Celestial blessings,

Sirona Rose

Age of Taurus


On the 14th Mars will move into the astrological sign of Taurus and in March Uranus will move into Taurus as well.

Let’s talk about Taurus for a minute. Taurus is quite different from Arian energy. Taurus is the most feminine of all the signs, it’s planet is Venus, it likes beauty, art, pleasure, the things that feel good. It is like slow-motion energy, it has a solid, practical, and down-to-Earth energy with a deep sensual tone, but to understand it more, let’s look to the Age of Taurus to see more of its energy.

The Age of Taurus, the Age of Growth, spans approximately the period between 4400 and 2200 BC, with the strongest energy being between the years 3900-2700 BC.   It is the age defined by the Sun being in the constellation of Taurus on the spring equinox. This period saw the fortification of the Sumerian civilization with its legendary figure of Gilgamesh; the establishment of the Minoan civilization in Crete; and the flourishing of the Harappan Civilization in the Indus Valley.

It is knowns for its great myths such as the Creation Myth and the Myth of Osiris in Egyptian Pyramid Texts as well as the Epic of Gilgamesh of Sumer. It also saw the manufacturing of papyrus, as well as the cuneiform writing of the Sumers and the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians. Now true, it is the bull that is the symbol of Taurus….but its feminine part is the cow. And during this Age, we saw the rise of Hinduism who hold the cow as sacred. Hinduism was the religion of an ancient people know as the Aryans (noble people) and it is known today as the world’s oldest religion. Another thing I would like to note here is that during this time the Egyptian Goddess Bat (later Hathor) was worshipped and was depicted as a cow goddess with horns on her head. Now as peaceful as this sounds Taurus also represents money and it can take us to its polar opposite of excessive materialism. Now with Mars, our planet of action, going into Taurus this is not comfortable energy… it is still moving but it is in slow motion….he’s focusing on some things that really need his attention to prepare him for when we get to the spring equinox and enter the zodiac sign of Aries. This is a slow and steady energy that will drive us to our success. The downside here is this is very stubborn energy, one where you can become so focused on what you think and believe, you fail to see any other reasoning. Mars is steadily building…he is building in his love-life, material possessions. When Mars was faced with Pluto in Capricorn…it was more of planting your feet and planning everything out….with Taurus it is about building that solid foundation. His energy is not forceful, it is building. So here, Mars is slow and steady and his energy is really building up.

Join me Thursday, February 14, 2019, and get the latest celestial update. In this episode, I will discuss what the Age of Pisces meant for us. You can listen to me on http://www.TheCauldron.net I’ll be on air at 9pm eastern time.

Celestial Blessings,

Sirona Rose

Capricorn New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse

Sonnenfinsternis, Mond und Sonne am Himmel

On January 5th (or 6th depending on where you are in the world), 2019 at 8:28pm est, we’ll be having a Partial Solar Eclipse with our New Moon in Capricorn. It will be visible only from northeast Asia and the North Pacific. The sun and moon will have their meeting at 15* degrees Capricorn. Our ancient ancestors didn’t look at eclipses the way we do now. They actually saw them as a feared astrological/astronomical events. To them, it was very unsettling as they witnessed this not truly knowing what was going on, it meant the king must die. And these ecliptic energies can be felt 6 mos after the eclipse takes place. To be exact, it will be felt until July 2nd when we will be having a total solar eclipse.
This will be serious energy that will help us not just focus on our goals, but to reach them. New Moons mark the beginning to our lunar cycle, and this eclipse begins our eclipse season for this year. This is great energy to plant new seeds in, or the to emphasize our focus on the goals that we are aiming for but wait till after the eclipse. Honestly, I know that eclipse energy can be a bit unstable at times, but this really is a great energy to start the New Year out in, as it is our perception of things that determine good or bad. It will bring things in focus that we need to be looking at. Some will see this as tricky, but honestly, when things need to change, it is welcoming to see clarity. Also, Things from the past could creep up that need to be dealt with.
With the Sun and Saturn conjunction, we’ll see mostly work-related themes such as our projection/ our public life, such as our reputation and career, we’ll be looking at our achievements, and standing up being responsible for yourself..showing accountability for ourselves will be a strong focus.
Happy Capricorn New Moon and partial solar eclipse.

Celestial Blessings,

Sirona Rose

Saturn and the Sun Conjuction



From December 31, 3018 – January 3, 2019, the Sun and Saturn will form a conjunction, this means they will both meet up at 11 degrees in Capricorn. This year is starting out will fiery Mars making his way into Aries giving us great energy to start this year off with a BANG, and this energy is all about structure and building.
Saturn is our teacher, he is known as Chronos, Father Time, He makes us look at where we need to focus our energy; he brings our attention to what we need to do to create whatever we are wanting in our lives; he reminds us of the responsibility of our life. He is a hard worker and is very determined.
With this conjunction, we are really being called up to get it together. We are reminded that it is through hard work and determination that we will succeed.
Capricorn is Saturns home sign, so here he is very powerful. And we must not forget that Father Time’s wife is Mother Earth so energy will be shifting to aim at more things ethically sound, more things being put in place for protecting Mother Earth.
Capricorn has to do with governments and authority so attention will be made to these areas as well.

This is a lot of Earth energy starting out 2019, This year is definitely going to be an interesting one.

Tune in Thursday night for the AstroTarot Report Show at 9pm est on TheCauldron.net to learn more about this energetic dance, along with all the other energies that will be making their energy very much known.

Happy New Year!
Celestial Blessings,
Sirona Rose


BIG BANG! Mars and Aries Dance

Mars in Aries-1

After being in the emotional waters of Pisces for 2 years, Mars moves into Aries on the 31st of December at 9:19pm est. This will be a strong charge, giving our new year a BIG blast of energy. This was an emotional release for many.
Going into Aries, Mars will give us the energy to go…go for it!
Mars is always known for his warrior role, but behind this armor lies great passion. Homer described Ares, Mars’ Greek counterpart, as the “helper of men” and the “giver of dauntless youth”, even saying that he is “unwary” and he “exceeds in strength. Mars fuels your passions, those things that give you that spark, toward those things that you are attracted to.
As Mars sat in Pisces, he laid his sword down, took off his armor, and healed. When he comes out of Pisces, he will be ready for action – remember Aries is about action. Be careful with blow-ups.
With the sun being in Capricorn, it will give us some grounding energy that will definitely be needed. This will give us the self-confidence we need in order to be successful with our goals.

Join me Thursday night at 9pm EST and we’ll talk about this energetic dance in depth.

Celestial Blessings,
Sirona Rose

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