Gemini Full Moon

Happy Gemini Full Moon! The Gemini full moon will be at approximately 0430 et on November 30, 2020 – and guess what? We’re going to have a partial lunar eclipse. So, yes this energy is going to be intense. 

Full moons are a ripening, it is when something has come to fruition. So for this moon, if something falls away, or tries to go away the best thing you can do is let it go! Eclipses are known to illuminate what needs to be released, what needs to go, that which really no longer serves you. They are also said to bring fated events, or reveal a destiny and encourage you to trust in your intuition, to trust that what is happening is for a reason, and that there is more than meets the eye. 

The moon represents our emotions, so this could be emotionally bittersweet for you. 

This is a time to be receptive and to allow yourself to tap into your divine feminine…not the girly stuff but what the divine feminine actually is. 

Mercury is Gemini’s planet, so it’s masculine energy and it is mental. Masculine energy can be forceful, so this energy is wanting us to step back a minute. Feminine energy is the hidden, the unknown and it is also creative. I feel this moon is reminding us of the wonderful synergy that can happen when we harmonize the masculine and feminine energy within. 

The Moon is harmonizing with Chiron who is aiding some healing energy. The thing with Chiron is he is known as the wounded healer; he was capable of healing all but himself. The Moon is squaring a powerful Goddess as well, Ceres. Ceres is the a fertility Goddess, as well as renewal and she us reminding us to nourish ourselves- and nurture. Now Ceres is a specifying with Black Moon Lilith and this represents thr wounded feminine, allowing repressed emotions to be expressed. 

Another powerful Goddess is showing up for this event and thats Vesta. Vesta is squaring the Sun (Sagittarius) that is opposite the Moon (Gemini). 

Vesta represents the hearth and fire, and she wants us to keep our inner flame lit to continue to inspire us. 

I am feeling a time of truth, it is a time that something has reached its end, a harvest of sorts. Now its time to release whats holding you back from seeing the inner truth. Its about letting go of the petty, the lower ego, nurturing our inner desires and allowing the masculine and feminine energies to synergize to allow this creative energy to give birth to the new. This moon feels like Da’ath to me. Da’ath is where masculine and feminine energy meets on the Kaballah tree, and it represents the place of possibilities. If we allow ourselves to be receptive, to release the clutter, the obstacles, and operate in your creativity and allow your dreams to bloom. 

Spending time in nature is highlighted, remember to nourish your mind, body, and soul. 

Full Moon Blessings, 

Sirona Rose 

Capricorn Full Moon with Eclipse

Happy Capricorn Full Moon and partial Lunar eclipse!

Yes, it’s not just Mercury giving us problems, we are also working with the energy of 2 eclipses this month. There is much more going on, but let’s cover this Lunar energy first.

Our heavens are very active at this time, and I am just going to say this now…July is very much an “in your face” time energy.

We are preparing for our full moon that will be on the 16th of July. And this will add some more intense energy..highly emotional as well.

On July 16, 2019, we will have a full moon in Capricorn at 5:38 pm, 2:38 pm pt, and 10:38 pm for those of you in London, England time zone.

Now a full moon is when the moon is directly opposite the sun, so the sun is able to really light the moon up…but this time there will be a bit different. The full moon will also be a partial lunar eclipse. So what does that mean? A Lunar eclipse is when the moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow. This occurs when the sun, earth, and moon are inexact or very close alignment.

This lunar eclipse will be partial, so it will not blacken the moon completely…but the energy is still going to be intense. The full moon is when shadows come to light. With the Sun in Cancer and the moon in Capricorn, we will have a chance to bring some emotional harmony back into all of our relationships.

The partial lunar eclipse will give us an opportunity to reset our emotions/feelings. Which is very much needed at this time. We can have bottled up feelings, and we need to express them healthfully. Emotions will be high, so respond don’t react. This moon, it will be essential for us to be very conscious of our own energy, and to master our own energy.

Our thoughts are very important at this time. Remember, energy goes wherever you are focusing.

Many seem to not completely understand how it works. Energy is energy, just like astrology, it is neither bad or good…it is what it is until we apply our perception to it. We have to remember that wherever we put our energy, it will be magnified; whatever you are focused on, it will grab the attention of energy and we’ll get more of it. Energy follows attention! We have to become masters of our own energy in order to create what we want to create. We really need to be aware of where we are placing our energy, which will require discipline for us.

The Solar eclipse took place with our North Node, and it was solar, so we were jolted forward into our future destiny and offered a great opportunity. But this eclipse will be lunar and will take place in our South Node (remember the South Node represents our past, the energy we are coming from), the message of allowing the old to break away. This moon is a super full moon…and it can shine the light on things that you didn’t see or know. This is a perfect time to let go of things (the old things), especially when Mercury Rx is added. This is really a good time to cut yourself free from things that have control over you and no longer serves you, and It is a culmination, so it allows one to see how you use your own power. Capricorn is about ‘law order’ Look into ourselves and see what is needing to be released, old habits, thoughts, and ideas those that have been ingrained in you. For this reading, Moon conj pluto there is a great deal of intensity with our emotions and feelings. Watch out for your temper…patience will be needed.

This energy is really requiring us to stay conscious, allow yourself to digest things, and it can be great time of completion and releasing.

Celestial blessings,

Sirona Rose

Leo Super Full Wolf Moon

Happy Super Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Right before the full moon/lunar eclipse takes place the sun will square Uranus and sextile Chiron…something will happen, maybe a new thought, idea…there will definitely be a shift that will help you remove some of the blocks that you have been having…

On the 20th the sun will start making his way into Aquarius And on the 21st, We will have a super full Blood Wolf Moon in Leo at 0 degrees at 9:15 pm Pacific time and 12:15 am est and it will also be a total lunar eclipse, you will have to adjust for your time zone. Now for the first time in 3 years those of us in the United States will be able to witness this total lunar eclipse and according to NASA, it will be one of the most dazzling shows this year. The moon will be at its closest point to earth so the moon will appear somewhat larger than it normally does…as well as being brighter, that’s why they refer to it as a supermoon. Total lunar eclipse moons are also referred to as “blood moons” because when the sun, earth, and moon align, the Sun’s light will pass through the Earth’s atmosphere hitting the moon making it appear red. At around 12:12 am ET, North and South Americans will be sitting in front row seats to witness this spectacular event…weather permitting that is.
Lunar lore According to the Farmer’s Almanac, “In Native American and early Colonial times, the Full Moon for January was called the Full Wolf Moon. It appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside the villages. Traditionally, the January Moon is also known as the Old Moon. To some Native American tribes, this was the Snow Moon, but most applied that name to the next Full Moon, in February.
So for “The first full moon in January, the Wolf Moon, so we will have a “Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse” sounds like a Syfy movie title with witches, werewolves, vampires, and other otherkins doesn’t it?
This is already the 2nd eclipse of the year and we have 3 more remaining ( 2 in July and one in December around Christmas time this year. Now remember this energy will last about 6 mos afterward
As I covered in the last show our ancestors didn’t get out and let this energy physically touch them. Even in Vedic Astrology, they see them as omens as well, showing what challenges lie ahead of them. This is an unusual energy that produces natural disasters, and unnatural, as well as political upheavals.
Interestingly Western astrologers see this energy as an opening, even connecting us to the spiritual realm/ or time to increase our connection.
If you tuned in last week, you probably remember me telling you about my experience with a total solar eclipse that happened August 21, 2017, in Leo. I did experience it, and it was a remarkable sight to behold…but it did change my life. It put me in a place where I would have to look at me and to walk the path of my Soul. Had that experience not happened, I am not sure if I would be sitting here now. So you see, the ones that will have the hardest time with these eclipses are the ones that are having to be pulled by their hair kicking and scream down their path.

Interestingly, Uranus will be challenging this moon, I guess you could say it could bring us opportunities, but Uranus is the rebellious one, so expect the unexpected. Things turning out a bit different than you expected. Don’t be so connected to the outcome of things. This placement could cause mood swings, jumpy, and wanting to act impulsively. You will need patience at this time, as you could possibly be tested, or challenged yourself. The moon is sitting right across from Sun (which is now in Aquarius) south node, pluto mercury and Saturn…all of those planets that are representing us releasing and moving forward with our lives. You could feel restless and bored with the regular routine in your life and want to shake things up, although major changes are not favored at this time.
This eclipse is opposite mercury so you could be receiving some unexpected news, and it could be shocking. This is expected energy and can cause anxiety and stress…many of those worry warts, those people who worry about things all the time, could find themselves stressed out and getting stuck in that chaotic energy. Remember, this is about releasing too. Eclipses, to our ancestors, meant the king must die and this means power changes.
Now at this time, something really interesting is going on that you might not be aware of. You see at this full moon/lunar eclipse we have 2 transitions happening. But first, let me explain what this is exactly. Full moons are when the sun is opposite the sun…and eclipses happen when the sun is close to the south node; opposite the moon is close to the north node.
Now at this event…the Sun will be transitioning into Aquarius and the Moon will be transitioning into LEO…they will both be at 0 degrees.
Just as new moons are about new beginnings, full moons are about endings, and this Leo full moon will be extra powerful.
Leo is our CORE, it is our solar plexus and represents who we ARE. In this stressed/chaotic time we are reminded of our core. We know that there is a lot of work to be done, yes that can really overwhelm us making us bitter to the world. But this LEO super moon is telling us to figure out how to enjoy life while having to do all this work. Leo is about fun and enjoying life. I hear people say all the time that we are in hell here…and I just do not agree with them. To me, we came here to experience this thing called life. I describe life as a game, like Monopoly. There are guidelines, and when you follow the flow of the game (your birth chart) you can be a winner…the trick is to not let it defeat you. I have clients that are in jobs, relationships that they are just not happy in, and those situations are not always the easiest to fix/change/or get out of. LEO’s advice “Sure there may be things you do not enjoy doing and it may be hard work….but don’t let it get the best of you. We have to figure out how to love or enjoy it. Remember the core of it? Why are you in the job you are in? What you are in the relationship you are in? Why is it that you do what you are doing? For jobs, yes it pays your bills, it supports you, it provides the material things for us…remember that. Many employers want to keep you stressed and pushed to the max thinking that will keep you more committed…but they are wrong, actually its the total opposite.
You see, we’re being invited to change our ideas of things. Leo says “yes I know there will be hard work, but you have to learn how to do what you are doing and enjoy it, to remember to nurture you and to invite fun into your life. For those that are in up and down relationships….why are you in it? You love the person…well okay, then what you have been doing isn’t working, so what can you do to make it better? Why are you together? Why are you fighting? What do you truly want? We are being made to face our self. When we deal with Capricorn it is about our public appearance, but with LEO it is all about who we are behind the mask…who are we at the depth of our Soul..our CORE.
This energy is simply saying to us to look at what is not working any longer. If you know something is broke, then fix it. And you’re not going to be able to fix it if you have let it swallow you whole. We have to be able to admit that what we are doing is not working and be open to finding other ways that will. LEO is reminding us that life is to be enjoyed, it is to be experienced. There is much work to be done, and it may suck…but learn how to do what needs to be done and enjoy okay with it, be at peace with it. Beat down people make the best slaves….are you one? Who are YOU?
January 21st mars square Saturn conj pluto…negotiations with others… the root of problems and get solutions. Things may not go as fast as we want them, don’t force them…it will make you slower. Pluto always gets a bad reputation, and I just don’t understand why…he makes you come face to face with yourself so you can do what you need to do to clear the road before you.
It is about having to learn how to do things differently than we have been doing. There are many ways to do something, and if what you are doing is not yielding the results you are wanting…then it’s time to do it differently. You may feel like charging forward, but if you’re not exactly sure where you are going, your plans will fall apart. We can’t charge ahead thoughtless. Take your time…be thoughtful, strategize your movements and harness that energy you are going to need. I am used to burning the candle at both ends…but this energy has been telling..well screaming at us that this type of charge forward and bulldoze everything in your path is not always the best thing for the long haul.
This could regard karmic relationships having to be dealt with…old habits that we have brought into our present from our past.

Celestial Blessings,
Sirona Rose

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