Soul Astrology, Inner Knowing

Astrology fascinates many of us, but some do not understand it. It is a lot of information to digest, and it is something that you are always learning. Astrology is thousands of years old and in the times of the Mystery Schools it was taught hand-n-hand with astronomy. 

When I do see the astrology pictures and other memes, it only focuses on the Sun sign and that’s not a full view of the planets that make up your chart. Birth charts are very important for you to understand the blueprint of your life. When you are born the heavens are in a certain position, that vibrates a certain energy that is unique to you. Can there be two charts just a like? That is a very slim chance as the people would have to be born at the exact same time and same place. Conjoined twins are a good example, but even identical twins can be different as one comes before the other. So, it can happen.

Your Sun sign is our consciousness while our Moon sign is our unconscious and these are important, but it is our ascendent (or rising) sign that expresses our Soul. Soul Astrology can act like a guide that helps us understand our true nature and understanding it can be a very useful tool. As our Sun and Moon sign can reflect patterns that stand in our way (such as habitual patterns) including our thoughts, feelings, and expression; the ascendent’s placement can help us recognize and understand our patterns of thought and behavior that are needing to be healed, changed, or released. 

Buddhist teachings state that our mind should be like a stream of crystal clear mountain water, one of pristine clarity where all is known. This means that we are aware, we are tapped into our intuition where we have clear sight, we can hear those messages from Spirit; a place where nothing is in our way of our knowing, a place of utmost clarity. 

Our ascendent, Soul sign, can help us recognize our inner light, help understand our inner Self allowing us to truly be aware of the Self, and can bring us a deeper inner knowing. 

Do you know your ascendent sign?



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