Year 2020, the Roaring 20s


We have now opened the gate to the year 2020. Today is January 1, 2020 which promotes a new year for the Julian Calendar. January is named after the God Janus which has two faces, one facing the future and one facing the past. When I think of this God I immediately think of the present time, because it is our past decisions that have led us to the present and it is those same decisions that help us go forward into the future. As we sit here at the opening of the gate to the future many things can go through our minds, and many may feel completely overwhelmed at the energy that is taking place in our world today. Even in astrology the planets are releasing intense energies. So what does numerology have to say about this year?


The year 2020 equals 4 in numerology, and this number is all about a strong foundation. The number 4 represents stability, family, home, order, conservation, peace, our physical reality, and practical solutions. This number is all about getting things done. The underlying energy of this year is going to be about gaining a clear vision (20/20 vision)  and accomplishing it.

This energy wants us to focus on what truly matters in our lives, looking at our dreams, then working toward physically manifesting them. This year will provide opportunities for us and will tell us to go forward and truly invest in yourself and commit to creating a strong foundation that you will be able to build your dreams on.

While 2019 was about creativity, expressing yourself, and alignment to who we are and the path we wish to go down; it was also about change. As you begin to align yourself to a path, as you begin to tap into your creativity, it does promote change in your life. The number 3 is a spiritual number, and it is also a gateway number, meaning the energy it emanates will have us in a transition state and gaining new perspectives. Which is what is needed to be able to align more to our inner truths.

The year 2019 gave us that energy for change to set us on the path that is more in harmony for us, 2020 will be the year for us to be fully conscious of our actions, committed to our self in where we are going so that we can open doors to great success in our life. This year, 2020, will be about accomplishments, making your dreams and desires a reality, one where we can gain real happiness and allow the financial energy to flow easily into your life.

Here’s to you on this Gregorian Julian New Year, 2020, may you tap into this energy and manifest your desires, making your dreams a reality, and creating the life that you want!
Many blessings,

Sirona Rose

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